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Private Clients

Private Clients

Legal advice on the "high bar"

Private clients are probably one of the most demanding areas of law that a lawyer can serve. Clients have high expectations of the quality and speed of legal advice and services. Only a few commercial lawyers even dare to tackle this area of law, as the potential range of services is very broad.

From questions of corporate succession in the family business run by the client to questions of insurance for the daughter's riding horse. The unpredictability is what makes this area of law so appealing. No two days are the same.

If you are looking for a lawyer who will handle your matters for you as part of a permanent mandate, "Topuz Law" is the right partner for you. After making initial contact, we will take the time to find out what you are looking for in a long-term collaboration. We would then examine the extent to which a co-operation would be possible, taking into account your interests and our resources.

The typical areas in which a lawyer advises private clients include

- Management of private and business assets, in particular in connection with the management of residential and commercial property;

- Reorganisation/restructuring within holding structures (family businesses);

- Arrangements for company succession (company sale, foundation models, continuation by family members, etc.).

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